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Professional Aircon Servicing & Repair in Singapore


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Aircon Servicing Singapore

Professional Residential & Commercial Aircon Servicing

We are a professional aircon servicing team, specializing in both residential and commercial air-conditioning units. We do thorough aircon cleaning, filter cleaning, fan coil cleaning, blower cleaning, dirt removal, mold removal, aircon pipe flush, chemical wash, andย R-410A or R-22 refrigerant top up.

Aircon not cold? We also help you to diagnose your aircon issues and suggest the most cost-effective solutions.

Our Services


What's Included

  • Aircon diagnosis
  • Thorough aircon servicing
  • Chemical wash
  • Chemical overhaul

How it Works

  • Choose one-time or regular servicing
  • Choose which units to perform servicing
  • Our aircon team will go to your location

Service Pricing

  • Affordable rates
  • Packages to save you more
  • Rental packages also available

What You Can Expect From Us

Trusted & Experienced

We only dispatch experienced aircon servicing specialist to your location so that your aircon can be serviced by a trusted professional, ensuring the best job done.

Reliable & Sincere

We only offer the most beneficial solutions to you, and we promise that we are a very friendly bunch. We hope to get your repeated business.

No Contracts

Whether you are taking up our one-time service or packages, all payments will be made upfront. There will not be any long-term contracts involved.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We put only our best work when servicing your aircon. We guarantee that your aircon is thoroughly cleaned, and we guarantee your satisfaction.

Quotation Mark

Happy Customers

“Aircon ICU did a wonderful job. My aircon was not serviced for very long, and it was not cold at all. After their advice and servicing was done, I can feel a big difference now. I need to turn off the aircon at night now, whereas I used to turn both the aircon and fan on at the same time for the whole night.”
– Mr Sim W.L.


“I was recommended to Aircon ICU by my colleague. They were fuss-free and easy guys to work with, catering to my busy schedule. I took up a package with them and never regretted since.”
– Ms Ruiz

Our Services


Filter Cleaning

Basic removal and cleaning

Fan Coil Cleaning

Thorough cleaning to the coils

Blower Cleaning

Removing dirt from the blower

Internal Components Cleaning

Cleaning of the deeper areas

Mold Removal

Removing harmful mold inside the aircon

Chemical Wash

Thorough cleanse of the aircon

Refrigerant Top Up

Improve cooling issues

Outdoor Unit Servicing

Servicing of the external unit

Aircon Repair

For any other issues with your aircon

Our Pricing Plans

We offer competitive prices at no expense of service quality.
For more details on our prices, visit our Pricing Page.

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