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How do I make payment?

Cash or bank transfer is accepted on-site upon work completion. All packages must be prepaid from the first session.

Why is there a city surcharge for certain areas? And where are these areas?

There will be an additional charge if the appointment location falls within district 1, 2, 9 or in Sentosa Island. We take into account carpark, ERP and accessibility charges.

How do I reschedule / cancel my appointment?

Please give the technician that you confirmed the booking with a call or sms, to cancel or reschedule the booking, no later than 24 hours prior to the appointment time.

What must I take note for aircon servicing in condominiums and private apartments?

We seek your cooperation to ensure with the condominium / building management that aircon contractors are allowed access to the compound at your scheduled appointment time.

Can I do an aircon diagnosis first before proceeding on to your services?

Aircon diagnosis is charged at a flat rate of $45. However if you proceed with any of our servicing or repair services right after, the diagnosis charged will be waived off.

Why is my aircon not cold?

This can be due to many factors such as, wrong AC unit matching to the room size, overloading a single compressor with too many AC units, dirty filters, coils, blowers and internal parts, shortage of refrigerant, or faulty internal or external unit.