Price List for Aircon Servicing Singapore

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Singapore Aircon Servicing Pricing

Here is our aircon servicing price in Singapore. You may check on our comprehensive price list for pricing discounts if you take up a servicing package or have more than 1 unit serviced at once.

Aircon sets are expensive and requires regular maintenance to make it last for many years. Without proper and consistent maintenance, your aircon units will start to face issues over time, and you will also see a decrease in performance.

Without proper care, your aircon reaches a poorly performing state in no time, you will need to engage a technician for repairs, or sometimes even costly replacements. It is therefore very important to keep your aircon in good condition.

There are several types of servicing your Aircon needs. The most common is your regular standard servicing that should be performed at least once every 6 months at the bare minimum. If you have not serviced your aircon for a long time, a chemical wash or overhaul might be necessary. Remember that a well serviced aircon cools down the room faster, and runs more efficiently, helping you save on your electricity bills.

Standard Servicing One-time Package

No of units Price per unit Total price
1 FCU $45 $45
2 – 4 FCU $30 $60-120
5 – 6 FCU $23 $115-138
7+ FCU $20 $140+

Standard Servicing Annual Package

No of units Price per unit Package price Frequency
1 FCU $40 $160 4x a year
2 – 4 FCU $25 $200-400 4x a year
5 – 6 FCU $20 $400-480 4x a year
7+ FCU $18 $504+ 4x a year

Chemical Wash

No of units Price per unit Total price
1 FCU $80 $80
2 – 4 FCU $75 $150-300
5+ FCU $70 $350+

Chemical Overhaul

No of units Price per unit Total price
1 FCU $150 $150
2 – 4 FCU $140 $280-560
5+ FCU $130 $650+

Gas Top Up

Type of gas Price
R22 $40-80
R410 $60-120

Other Services

Service Price
Outdoor unit high-pressure air jet $60
Outdoor unit chemical wash $120
Outdoor unit chemical overhaul $240
Troubleshooting $45*
Electrical / PCB Replacement Quotation
Cassette / Ducted Unit Servicing Quotation

*If you proceed to take on our recommended services right after troubleshooting, the troubleshooting fee will be fully waived.

Our Recommendations

We strongly recommend you to perform standard servicing on your aircon once every 3 months. This includes:

  • cleaning and sanitizing of air filter
  • cleaning of fan coil
  • cleaning of blower
  • cleaning of casing
  • chemical wash once a year

If you have not performed any servicing on your aircon for 1 year or more, it is likely that your aircon needs a very thorough cleaning to remove the dust and dirt clog to improve the airflow, cooling performance and energy efficiency. Depending on the severity, we recommend:

  • chemical wash
  • chemical overhaul